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How Remote Work Increases Diversity and Inclusion

The shift to remote work was sudden and unplanned for most organizations, but this necessary adjustment brought about unexpected benefits. For most, these include better work-life balance, improved productivity, reduced stress, and more control over schedule and work environment. Avoiding rush-hour commutes is a definite plus in anyone’s book, too.

For some employees, however, remote work is more than all these factors – it allows them to be part of the workforce, which wouldn’t be possible if their jobs required them to travel to the office physically. And so, flexible and remote work policies open a new world of possibilities to specific groups that would have been challenged with the traditional office setup like the following:

1. People with primary family care responsibilities.

With lockdown restrictions and the closure of schools, daycare centers, and other childcare facilities, independently managing work and family responsibilities becomes a challenge for parents and primary caregivers. Remote work, combined with flexible schedules, allows them to balance all these duties from the safety of their own homes.

2. People with physical or mental health disabilities

With remote work, these employees can focus their energy on mainly doing their jobs without worrying about looking for dedicated support or navigating the workplace.

3. People outside of the company’s geographical location.

Remote work means people can work from anywhere – even if they’re not within the community where the company operates. By virtually removing these geographical barriers, employers access a broader, more diverse talent pool and eliminate expenses related to traveling for interviews or job relocation.

By adopting flexible and remote work policies, we increase our diversity and inclusion efforts. But our D&I endeavors shouldn’t stop in hiring a diverse workforce. One of our goals is to ensure all employees from different walks of life thrive in their role and the company, regardless of their physical location.

And this feat is possible with cloud-based software that ensures our employees remain aligned, engaged, and supported in their daily tasks. SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) takes your HR processes to the cloud. It helps manage your entire employee lifecycle – with modules for recruitment, employee performance, social collaboration, employee learning, and much more, depending on your HR strategy and priorities.

A Leaders 2020 research report from Oxford Economics shows that high-performing companies experienced better business and workforce results by embracing digital technologies.

  • 76% experienced a more robust financial performance

  • 56% has more diversity strategies

  • 86% have more mature methods for hiring skilled talent

  • 87% had a workforce of happier, more engaged employees

Note that a hybrid remote work model does not mean employees no longer go to the offices. Communication and collaboration still play an essential role in building relationships, maintaining connections, and establishing a healthy company culture.

However, more than requiring workers to physically come to the office, providing them the flexibility to decide when it does makes sense is infinitely more valuable.

NTT DATA’s ready2run solutions leverage a rapid approach to fast-track your digital transformation in a matter of weeks. With our complete implementation package of cloud-based technology, you will enable and maintain a more inclusive and diverse workforce, improve employee experience, and increase productivity.

The NTT DATA group has 25 years of experience in implementing, operating, and optimizing SAP applications. Depending on your priorities and business goals, you can search our comprehensive portfolio of SAP solutions to suit your company’s needs.


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