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How Employee Experience Impacts Business Outcomes

The past year alone has brought unprecedented changes in the global economy, but it has also caused great uncertainty in people's work. Therefore, organizations must keep their employees happy to drive their business outcomes.

In this blog, you'll discover the connection between Employee Experience (EX) and the creation of long-term business value. Based on an SAP-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, this article talks about EX and how it affects organizational success.

What is EX?

EX is defined as "an employee's perception of how well the organization's environment, culture, tools, and support structures keep them satisfied and engaged in their work and enable them to achieve and exceed their goals."

Rank-and-file employees up to key decision-makers have probably heard and touched on the concept at some point. But the study shows EX is rapidly becoming a critical factor in developing overall HR strategies, now and even more in the next two years.

Positive EX impacts quality, productivity, recruitment, employee engagement, retention, and even workforce agility. So it's no surprise that satisfied employees are more likely to recommend their company to others, stay in the company for a longer period, and even put in extra hours to help the business.

From the executive level, HR decision-makers who participated in the study reported a significant positive impact on their business' revenue, customer satisfaction, organizational agility, and other business outcomes resulting from their EX initiatives. These EX benefits to the top and bottom lines solidify the perception that EX will play a crucial role in delivering key business objectives in the coming years.

The EX Perception Gap

Leaders and employees believe EX is important, but the problem lies with the misalignment of priorities. On the one hand, HR managers prioritize economic factors, business goals, and brand reputation when making their organizations' EX plans. On the other hand, employees consider creating and sustaining a positive culture as the most important aspect of EX.

Technology is an important component of this experience gap, with 90% of employees reporting that accessible and easy-to-use operational systems/tech is necessary for creating positive EX.

EX and HR Technology

Employees with high HR technology satisfaction are 6x more likely to have high overall EX satisfaction. This technology refers to HR administration, learning software, employee collaboration and communication tools, and accounts payable automation tools.

However, 40% of employees think their leaders choose technology based on cost, not on their best interests. Without the right, usable, and accessible technology, employees experience frustration, leading to decreased productivity and engagement.

The Key Recommendations

● Include employee feedback in your EX program. The perception gap mentioned above keenly highlights the disparity between the priorities of HR leaders and employees. Gather data and feedback from employees about their experiences to help shape a positive culture that delivers better EX.

● Invest in human-centered design. Choose HR technology that is best suited for use by your employees. Utilize feedback mechanisms to ensure that the tech solutions you will invest in will positively impact your employees' productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.

● Wait patiently for the results. Transforming to a culture driven by employee experience will take time, but the data shows the results are worth the wait. Positive EX will lead to valuable benefits for your business across both top and bottom lines.

Now and in the future, EX is an important factor in business success. As a trusted global innovator, NTT DATA can help your company achieve your desired business outcomes with the HR technology to improve your employee experience. Learn more about our solutions to address your most critical HR needs.


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