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How to Address Employee Experience in the “Next Normal”

The pandemic has reset the game board across all industries, and now companies across the globe are rapidly planning and changing the way they work to ensure business continuity. We’re all waiting and pushing for the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era: the next normal.

A Gartner CFO survey[1] shows 74% of companies plan for a more permanent shift to remote work post-COVID-19. Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are paving the way to adopt flexible work policies.

Such significant change comes with its set of challenges, like maintaining collaboration and productivity. As our employees move from one normal to the next, HR leaders play a crucial part in their businesses’ response. In this blog, here are some ways on how you can address these realities:

1. Communicate.

Employees look toward leaders in times of change and crisis, and it essential that these leaders keep lines of open communication and provide the appropriate amount of information. But remember that communication is a two-way street. As much as providing direction is important, HR managers must also listen to what their employees are experiencing.

With the right collaboration tools and building the organization’s sense of community, we can address these challenges as soon as they arise and when action is needed. By doing so, we can check our workforce’s well-being and maximize productivity.

2. Equip.

The pandemic has brought about major changes in every industry, and leaders had to make many difficult decisions regarding finances and human resources. Now we’re past a year in, and we can no longer afford to be caught off-guard.

As we transition towards the next normal, HR teams can utilize predictive analytics to gain insight into multiple staffing scenarios. This step will help devise and execute plans for upskilling or cross-skilling employees – an excellent way to build talent and further organizational goals.

3. Adapt.

The way we work has completely been upended, and the reality is – there’s no way to go “back to normal.” Instead, HR leaders must look forward, finding ways to help the business and its people transition to the “next normal.” Today, it is a pandemic. Tomorrow, it can be an entirely different crisis.

COVID-19 has accelerated change in processes and structures and even caused businesses to quickly launch initiatives – something that would normally take months or years. Switching to more agile operations is no longer a possibility; it has become necessary in these volatile and ambiguous times.

The goal is to be no longer completely reactive. With the right policies and contingency plans in place, organizations will be able to face the demands of any possible crisis with the most minimal business disruption possible.

So don’t stop at just providing a laptop and a work-from-home pass to your employees; elevate their employee experience by demonstrating flexibility and empathy in these changing times. Paired with the right HR technology, employees can do more and be more – even as we all journey toward a new work reality.

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