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Digital Transformation: Focus on the Value to Your Business

Which IT solutions do you need and will work for you?

Technology drives today’s world. It’s no surprise that digital transformation is on the rise, especially with contributing factors, such as economic disruptions, customer demand, and the need to be on par with the competition.

Every industry faces different challenges: the explosion of fintech for finance, securing supply chains for manufacturing, and shifting customer behavior for retail. And we see that companies are now at a crossroads — should they ride with the tide or risk getting crushed by the waves of change?

You might think that you must wait years to build a large, expensive, and complex system to modernize your business. But the secret to transformation lies in its value to your organization. Ask yourself: Why are we transforming? What are our business priorities? What is our end goal? Focus on leveraging value right away, and then make incremental investments to your infrastructure to sustain and grow that value.

Let’s look at the type of digital solutions you can implement in your business on your journey to digital transformation.

  • Cloud storage solutions

Cloud solutions allow companies to keep their data and applications on remote servers, providing employees the flexibility to connect to the business anytime, anywhere. Compared to on-premise systems, moving to the cloud lets you scale up or scale down your operations depending on the need.

This shift is also an essential part of your business continuity plans. Whether you encounter a natural disaster, power failure, or other crisis, your data will be backed up and stored in a secure location. Factor in the flexible work arrangements of employees, and the cloud is a great choice to ensure accessibility and minimize loss of productivity.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions

CRM software serves as a centralized hub that helps your business manage, track, and organize your interactions with customers. It can store essential customer data such as user behavior, history, purchase records, and notes on any other point of contact – information that you can use to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

Using CRM software also prevents your teams from operating in silos. Since your sales, marketing, and service teams will have access to the same customer data, they can work together in providing the best possible experience from the time the customer makes contact, purchases your product, and any after-sales opportunities beyond.

  • Human Resource (HR) solution

Does your company struggle to reach your employees or recruit new talent? Digital HR solutions can optimize your processes from recruitment and onboarding to compensation and career development to empower your team. An integrated HR platform allows employees immediate access to their personal information, saving time and reducing errors for any administrative change requests.

It can also provide relevant insights into your team’s skills, budget, and capacity problems – data needed for your recruitment processes. Once you find the most suitable candidate, they can undergo a customized and automated onboarding process to provide a positive employee experience.

With digital transformation, you’re not just building one system that drives your business. Instead, you are creating an ecosystem of connected tools that work together to meet your goals.

The transformation will not happen overnight. But what’s important is that it does happen – one solution at a time, depending on your specific needs. Check our comprehensive list of SAP solutions to incorporate into your business.


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