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3 Great Ideas for the Future of Your Retail Business

Rising to the Task Webinar Event Recap

There's no denying that the retail industry has been hit hard in recent times. From economic disruptions to rising competition, these changes require businesses to constantly adapt to survive - which is precisely the reason we presented a new Business Transformation as a Service approach to tackle these challenges.

Drawing in industry experts across the Asia-Pacific region, Rising to the Task: Meeting the Challenges of Modern Retail Operations showcased relevant market insights, valuable customer success stories, and a suite of services and products to accelerate the transformation into an intelligent enterprise.

The online event was hosted on WebinarJam and recorded a total of 80 attendees. Here are some of the highlights from the virtual session.

Rising to the Task: Think big, but start small

Regardless of the industry, transforming your business into an Intelligent Enterprise may seem like a pipe dream. That's why in the opening discussion, Sompoj Sukkasanti, Director of ISS Consulting, shared the success of several retail brands in Thailand with the implementation of digital solutions.

Sompoj stresses how there's nothing wrong with these "big" ideas. After all, these ideas drive the innovation and growth of the business. However, when it comes to taking action and making progress, starting small is the key.

Retail companies come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its challenges. The Intelligent Enterprise is an end-to-end solution, but you must first obtain actual data to determine your business needs. Use this information to make strategic decisions and financial projections revolving around those demands. And as your business model evolves, you can expand your digital solutions later on.

While the end goal is an interconnected, Intelligent Enterprise, your journey will involve various products and services tailored to your specific business concerns.

Rising to the Task: Take the lead in digital disruption

The new retail landscape needs technology that can adapt to changing needs, manage risk, and innovate. Traditional IT infrastructures often have multiple systems that provide siloed data crucial for daily and highly strategic business decisions.

The solution lies in modern technology. Our second speaker, Silvia Larasti, SEA Midmarket Presales Manager, challenged business leaders to lead the digital disruption in their sectors - to take full advantage of these tech solutions to stay ahead and leave the competition behind.

In retail and other industries, digital solutions can address potential and ongoing problems from logistics and order fulfillment up to customer satisfaction. By integrating your technology and automating your processes, you obtain a new level of real-time and critical data to assess performance better and identify threats or opportunities – allowing you to focus on tasks with the highest leverage and move the business forward.

Rising to the Task: Grasp the future of retail

Now that you know both the problem and solution, where do you begin?

The Intelligent Enterprise is the future of retail. The last speaker, Thomas Gerald Ng, SAP Delivery Lead of NTT DATA Philippines, highlighted how cloud deployment is the first step in your digital transformation journey.

Now, you could be a digitally-driven business that needs to scale quickly or a company that has relied on on-premise systems and is ready to go further. We recognize that each organization has a unique starting point, and our Ready-to-Go Retail offering will help you take that next or first step – at your pace.

Didn't get to attend the event? Get free access to the on-demand webinar so you won't get left out!

For questions or more information on our partner packages and offerings, feel free to contact us. We look forward to being part of your business's digital transformation.


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