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Top 3 Reasons to Move Your SAP S/4 HANA to Azure

Most SAP users, particularly those with older systems, have come to realize that moving to S/4 HANA is the logical choice. A simplified, easier to use GUI and much faster access to data reports make it an irresistible option. The challenge is in putting together an excellent roadmap to follow to ensure seamless and cost-effective migration. Another blocker is the high cost of the appliance that can accommodate S/4 HANA requirements.

One solution? Move your S/4 HANA implementation to the cloud, specifically the Microsoft Azure platform. Below are the top reasons why:

1. Reduce upfront costs and TCO

Since Azure allows you to pay only for what you use, you pay much less upfront. You also get to save 40% or more on Azure-certified SAP on-demand infrastructure. Plus, with the considerable reduction you get from archival data costs, you can get up to 60% savings.

2. Get to use the most powerful and scalable cloud for SAP HANA

With Azure, you get up to 20TB of RAM and can run the largest SAP HANA workloads. You can also scale out to 60 TB RAM for HANA OLAP, with single-node support of up to 20 TB for HANA OLTP.

3. Ensure security and compliance with the most trusted cloud platform

With Azure, it is easier to stay secure and compliant. It has more than 72 international and industry-specific compliance certifications. In addition, you get Continuous Security Health Monitoring for the entire environment through the Azure Security Center. Security Center provides in-depth defense with its ability to detect threats and help protect against it. Through machine learning, it processes trillions of signals to alert you of threats to your environment.

Convinced that utilizing Azure for your S/4 HANA implementation is the way to go but unsure about how to do it? NTT DATA, with its expertise in both Microsoft and SAP technologies, provides customers with an end-to-end offer to help customers transition to S/4 HANA on Microsoft Azure. The offering includes an SAP on Azure Assessment and Roadmap, a migration toolkit that you can leverage, and managed services. To learn more about this offer, go to


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