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5 Ways to Minimize Data Leaks in the Workplace

With increased global attention on data privacy and cybersecurity, keeping data secure should be a top priority in every workplace. Companies should be proactive and take precautionary measures to prevent data leaks and security breaches. Here are 5 things you can do to help protect and secure your data:

1. Properly train your staff

Human error and negligence are the most common causes of data leaks in the office. You can safeguard against this by making sure that your employees are well informed and educated on the Data Privacy Act, your company policies around data privacy compliance, and their responsibilities as employees. At minimum, this training should be held on an annual basis.

2. Secure workplace devices

You can also put policies in place that limit the use of personal devices in accessing corporate data. Platforms like Microsoft 365 allow for mobile device management, so that corporate data residing on devices be remotely deleted if they are stolen or lost.

3. Encrypt emails

Sending emails back and forth to clients and people who are not in your organization could easily be susceptible to interception. Encryption tools allow for emails with sensitive information to be non-readable by unauthorized users. On Office 365, your data and files can be encrypted for added protection.

4. Set the Right User Access for Important Documents

You can use access management features on documents to make sure that only authorized recipients are able to read or edit them. That way, even if your files are inadvertently sent to the wrong recipient, they cannot be opened unless the person has the proper credentials. Microsoft Office 365 has features that limit the flow of sensitive data for different groups.

5. Back it up on the cloud

For unforeseen disasters, it is always important to have a backup of your files and your data. A corporate, managed cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive for Business has enterprise-grade security features and high availability features to make sure your files are always secure and accessible. Be careful about using personal cloud storage that is meant for consumer use only and may expose your files to security risks.

Investing in a secure productivity platform like Microsoft Office 365 gives employees all the productivity tools they need to get their work done and collaborate more effectively with their teams, letting them focus on your business without worrying about security and data privacy compliance.

If you are interested in transforming your organization into a Modern Workplace, better-equipped to handle and prevent data leaks, contact NTT DATA.


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