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5 Benefits of Moving to a Modern, Cloud-based Data Platform

Many companies today have already moved all or part of their IT infrastructure and some applications to the cloud. When it comes to the Data Platform, however, many remain on legacy databases that lack the flexibility, scale, speed and other new capabilities that support increasingly digital ways of doing business. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should shift to a modern data platform:

1. Security and Privacy

One of the hot topics on everyone’s minds right now is Data Privacy. Having all your company’s data onsite places a hefty price tag on security. Breaches, leaks and other privacy issues will need to be addressed. Moving this data to a cloud platform that is certified against key compliance standards lets you take advantage of world-class security features from your vendor such as proactive threat detection, encryption of data in motion and at rest, access control, and other security and management tools to keep your data safe and secure.

2. Budget Planning and Control

The most obvious benefit to making the move to the cloud would be the reduction (or elimination) of physical data platform investments. Companies can reduce spending on capital expenditure, power, maintenance and the like and easily plan out costs. With the cloud, you pay only for what you need and use, and have more control over your budget.

3. Agility and Scale

With the huge volumes of data that businesses deal with today, the ability to scale capacity on demand, and to accommodate planned or unplanned spikes in usage without sacrificing performance, is critical. Today’s solutions allow a number of scaling methods such as horizontal and vertical scaling and sharding, to support your needs.

4. Future-Proof and Disaster-Proof

Making sure that your data platform is future-proof is another advantage of moving to the cloud. Worrying about obsolescence or end of support, or the efforts behind upgrading to a new version, will be a thing of the past. What’s more, cloud-based back-up and recovery solutions ensure that all important data will not be lost to natural or manmade disasters and calamities.

5. Competitive Edge

The ability to leverage data assets for competitive advantage is growing in importance. A modern data platform gives you a cost-efficient foundation to perform advanced analytics and use machine learning capabilities to give you a competitive edge.

NTT DATA provides assessments, roadmapping and migration services for companies who are considering a shift from on-premise, legacy databases to a modern data platform. Find out more here.


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