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Rethinking Resilience: Digital Transformation Across Industries

The constantly changing business landscape reinforces the need for a truly resilient organization that can withstand economic volatility and uncertainty. It will give them a better chance to bounce back from difficult times and take advantage of any change in the industry.

Digital transformation, if done right, enables the way toward business resiliency. Research shows that experimentation with and investment in digital solutions are crucial in helping companies navigate successfully through a crisis.[1]

We’ve seen how the manufacturing and finance landscape embraced digital transformation. By investing in smart manufacturing and cloud solutions, companies can increase productivity and efficiency of their operations.

Now, let’s look at how the need to become digital impacted other industries.


To enhance the customer experience, Star Alliance has launched a digital services platform that allows member airlines to share data when customers are traveling with multiple carriers. Features included seat selection for an entire flight and baggage tracking on journeys, including more than one Star Alliance carrier.

With data shared across the 28-airline member network, the customer can control their entire travel experience through one platform. More recently, Star Alliance has established new milestones in its digital transformation journey.

First is an enhanced search-and-book application to ensure successful navigation and better results for the customer. The second is a single biometric facial recognition system for a seamless registration process across participating airlines.[2] These changes show how modern solutions can target key areas of the airline industry: customer service and digital web/mobile experience.[3]


The adoption of digital solutions has reshaped the healthcare system, and it continues to transform care delivery and diseases treatment. BDO’s 2021 Healthcare Digital Transformation Survey shows that 93% of healthcare organizations already have an existing digital transformation strategy or are in the process of creating one.[4]

To improve the patient care experience, these organizations invest in modern technologies from telemedicine and online patient portals to cloud computing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and robotic process automation. The acceleration of these technological investments only underscores the fact that the future of healthcare is digital.

Public Sector

With disruptions affecting all parts of society, the government is also driving digital transformation to reinvent the public sector operations. Such initiatives will not only enable delivery of much-needed services, but also improve and modernize their processes in changing times.

As part of the digital transformation journey, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched the Online Submission Tool to automate business transactions for all stock corporations.[5] This move to an online, centralized platform ensures fail-proof delivery for submitters and facilitates database management and accessibility for different departments within SEC.

Increasingly rapid and unprecedented changes in the global sphere affect all industries, which highlights the need for digital transformation to succeed and lead in the years to come. This move requires changes in processes and infrastructures across the enterprise, like shifting to the cloud or reevaluating process workflows.

Adopting these modern technologies opens the doors to an interconnected system that will improve efficiency and accountability throughout the organization. Learn more about our comprehensive suite of digital solutions to address the specific needs of your business.


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