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Managing the New Normal of Business Travel Post-COVID

When COVID-19 hit the global market, businesses had to limit travel for months on end, not just in the Philippines but also worldwide. As restrictions are slowly lifting, companies are looking for ways to resume travel operations for their employees safely.

In 2020, SAP Concur conducted a survey of 4,850 business travelers in 23 markets to capture the new normal of business travel. In this blog, you’ll see the key survey results and our recommendations to manage your business travel operations post-COVID.

Key Findings from the Survey
  • 59% of business travelers have positive feelings about being back on the road again.

  • Over half of the respondents (52%) anticipate seeing fewer deals or contracts requiring in-person meetings.

  • "New normal" travel behaviors are expected to persist even after restrictions have been lifted, such as wearing face masks while on the road, enforcing social distancing, and taking up alternative contactless greetings.

  • Travelers expect limited public transportation use, with 29% more likely to use their personal vehicle for travel.

  • Impacts on travel budget are expected, as 29% of travelers anticipate the purchase of direct flight tickets to take the shortest possible routes as a safety measure.

  • Travelers expect their companies to implement safety measures, such as mandatory personal health screenings and limiting travel to the most critical trips, with 18% of these employees considering looking for different positions if their company doesn't implement these changes.

How Companies Can Help Traveling Employees

Most, if not all, companies did virtual meetings amid the pandemic. But some dealings require people to meet in person, and for some organizations, business travel can be necessary and critical. The good thing is, travelers are excited to get back on the road, but they want company support and solutions for a safe and successful trip.

● Training will be beneficial

Even when lockdown restrictions ease, no one expects travel guidelines to be the same. 97% of travelers expect new norms when on the road. These new norms also translate to new policies and guidelines that companies should enforce while traveling to ensure their employees' welfare. Recommended training topics include protecting health and safety, maintaining healthy habits, and preparing for an upcoming trip.

● Provide travel & expense technology for employee use

Travelers ultimately look for T&E tech that has a broad list of functions. When business travel resumes, these employees want to see more features related to their company's T&E solutions, the first and foremost being traveler safety information. Other features they look forward to are mobile check-in, the ability to manage and view the trip itinerary, automatic notifications for out-of-policy bookings, and the ability to create and submit an expense report.

If you're searching for technology to transform your T&E processes, look no further than SAP Concur. This easy-to-use management platform integrates modern technology to increase your productivity and proactively manage your company's expenses.

NTT DATA is the first SAP Concur Service Partner in the Philippine market with the global strength and capability to deliver localized and flexible services to large and medium organizations. No matter the industry, NTT DATA and SAP Concur can help your business manage expenses through innovative and value-adding solutions. Learn more about our solutions.


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