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Enable a Modern Workplace
While Protecting Data Privacy

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Promoting Data Privacy

Compliance at Work

Technology can be both an ally and foe when it comes to ensuring data privacy, especially when you're dealing with evolving business needs, highly mobile employees and an increasing complex threat environment.

 In the Philippines, some of the biggest challenges that contribute to risk and non-compliance in the workplace are:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be found anywhere in the company: from hardcopy documents in drawers, to emails, spreadsheets, notes and local databases to mobile messaging apps and individual cloud storage accounts. 

  • Access to these PII are not always controlled.

  • The use of various, often unmanaged productivity tools for work.  These often include a mix of work and personal emails, messaging apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, personal and company-provided online storage, and many others.  The more tools that are unmanaged by the company, the higher the risk.

Turning that Modern Workplace

into a reality

Promoting a culture where your company can realize the benefits of an open, collaborative working environment – without sacrificing security – can help you maximize employee productivity and engagement. But this requires the right technology and thoughtful workplace design. 

The Practical Guide to the Modern Workplace talks about how you can:

  • Promote employee community and collaboration to ensure productivity even while mobile

  • Capture, organize and share data to help create a common sense of purpose

  • Address fast-evolving security threats and ensure compliance requirements
    are met

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Why Choose NTT DATA?

Our global delivery model allows our clients to capitalize on our cross-technology expertise built on best practices acquired through years of experience in installing, implementing and deploying Microsoft solutions. NTT DATA’s unique end-to-end offering – from assessment, readiness/enablement, design, deployment and managed services – differentiates us from any other solutions partner. Our Microsoft solution offerings can be tailor fitted to your needs.


Modern Workplace customers


Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner for SharePoint in PH


Dedicated SharePoint resources in PH alone



  • Microsoft Platinum Partner Winner, Tier 1 Managed Partner

  • Full stack full cycle solutions, strong multi-competency across workloads

  • Strong base of NTT DATA customers across the Globe

  • Portfolio approach to IT vs piecemeal leading to higher ROI & lower TCO

  • Cutting edge R&D capabilities with $2B R&D investment 6,000 R&D personnel

  • Key Industries: Healthcare, Media & Telco, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, FSI, Public Sector, Utility, Oil & Gas, Service Providers, Logistics and Academe

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