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Data Platform Assessment, Planning and Migration services

We offer the following services to help you with your data platform modernization project, designed to reduce your costs and risks while giving you maximum benefits. 

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Data Estate Assessment & Business Value Creation Workshop

This is a 10-day Interactive Consulting-led Workshop that provides you with insights into the existing state, migration effort needed, support impact and total cost-of- ownership to turn your goals into reality.


The Workshop is based on a structured format to help you define the scope, feasibility, cost and risk associated in migrating from a legacy database to a modern data platform.

NTT DATA's Managed Migration Factory

From assessment up to deployment of the new data platform, our managed migration model involves:

  • Old-to-New SQL, Old-to-New Oracle or legacy to modern database assessment to help you de-risk business-critical migrations as your organization undergoes the first step in its data platform modernization journey.

  • An automated and repeatable framework that covers every step of the migration process

  • Understanding the value of investing in an automated approach

  • Supporting your organization throughout every step of the migration process, from the existing state up to operation end state.

  • Support your existing Oracle infrastructure through our unique DBA 911 support model powered by our contact center and certified Oracle resources.

  • OPEX based engagement with no upfront CAPEX

NTT Data Oracle to SQL Automated Migrati
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